Pelham Duo Sprenger 16 mm

Pelham Duo Sprenger 16 mm
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Sprenger Duo bits are very gentle on the horse’s mouth. The mouthpiece is made of soft, flexible plastic which adapts to the horse’s mouth in an ideal way. The material is food-safe, solvent-free and does not contain any plasticisers. The mouthpiece is reinforced with a steel cable to make it stable and to provide more security. Different from pure metal bits there is the danger of the plastic being easily bitten through when the bit is not attached correctly and gets in contact with the teeth. No returns or exchangesare possible if there are chew marks on the mouthpiece.

The Pelham is a bit that provides additional lever action on the poll. Pressure is applied to the lower jaw bones by the use of a curb chain. In a way the Pelham is a combination of a Weymouth and a bradoon. Pelhams can be used with one or two reins, which enables different rein options. Direct pressure is applied to the horse’s tongue and bars if the rider only uses the snaffle rein.

If horses tend to toss the head it makes sense to attach a second rein to the lower cheek piece ring to apply pressure on the horse’s poll. The horse will try to dodge this pressure by lowering the head. The curb chain should come into play at maximum angle of 45° (lower cheek to horse’s mouth) to avoid the horse lowering its head too much.

Grubość: 16 mm

Długość czanki: 135 mm

Długość czanki - dolna część: 65 mm

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